What We Stand For!

Passion For Web Design

When you are passionate about something. You care about it. Make sure nothing happens to it. That’s how we feel about Web Design. Taking the craft and skill seriously. Making sure we make each client 100% happy at the end of every job. Passion drives us!

Mission For Company

Elegant and Modern websites at a affordable price. Alot of Web firms are going to charge you through the roof and under deliver. We want to carve a new lane in the web design business. Bringing everyone quality websites fairly!

Foward Thinking

As times and technology change. We change with it for the better. We will always stay up to date with the new technology the Web industry releases. That helps US and YOU. A Win-Win situation!


Plex Web Design is proudly stationed in Kodak/Sevierville Tennessee Area. Despite where we are we can work with any company from anywhere. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any Quote, Question, or Information!

Your Web Designer

Your Web Designer

Hi! My name is Dahrian. I’m here to help you with your website journey. If you are looking for Passion, Elegance and Quality look no further. Just to give you a peek into who I am. I love to Hike and enjoy the outdoors, read books, and write poetry! As your Web Designer, I will ask all the right questions to make sure you get what you want and need. Let’s get to work!