2020? Worse Year Ever?

by | Sep 7, 2020

Where do you start? This year has been nothing less than a rollercoaster. We can honestly say we are living in a historic year that we will no doubt tell our grandchildren about. The highlight of 2020? Coronavirus!

We can easily say we all have been affected, even though that is true it’s too broad to just say that on an individual basis. This is how I look at life I break it down to categories. We all have to make Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Financial, Secular, and Love decisions. Now when I sat down and thought about how Covid-19 effected me, it literally touched each category in its own way. I would need to write another different blog to dissect each category but this blog isn’t about me. Its to make you reflect and break things down so you can see things more clearly and find solutions to direct problems instead of a broad one due to the craziness 2020 has brought. Since I had this categorized mindset before COVID-19 I was able to protect each category in its own way from the effects of Corona. I want you to do the same, Categorize your life; see which Person, Business, or Thing is at the center of each one, and make the needed decisions to make things better.

What does 2020 have to do with these categories? Its the only year that attacked all of these negatively at the same time. If you were not mentally strong before 2020, you took a haymaker to the temple and did not get up. So as 2020 is coming to a close its important to look at these categories and prepare for 2021 more directly with ourselves. I hope the best for anyone that reads this blog. I also plan to leave a quote original by me after every blog post.

Quote #1- “Talking to yourself is not crazy, Its the smartest thing you can do”